Green cleaning

I feel that it’s quite important to use green cleaning products but a lot of people don’t bother or simply don’t think – I know people that eat organic food and recycle and do everything ‘right’ but when you ask them about all the harmful chemicals and the like in the cleaning products they use they give you a blank look like it’s something they have never even considered.

Rolling in it!

rolling-in-moneyYou know how people dream of winning loads of money and then rolling around naked in it, either on a bed or in a bathtub? Yeah well I share that dream of getting so ridiculously rich I could roll around in my wealth – but I’d go for something less predictable than notes, like loose diamonds or caviar or designer handbags!

Having said that I’d be a little worried about where the diamonds might end up, ooerrr!

Excited about new curtains?

I just ordered some new curtains for the spare room online and I cannot wait for them to arrive, I have changed so much that this is now the sort of online purchase I get really excited about.

If you are like me and also love buying new home furnishing items such as burlap curtains then you can get some really nice looking and reasonably priced burlap curtains here.

Mmmm coffee

A friend of mine who lives in America was telling me about Timothy’s K Cups a few days ago as they are not something I had heard of before. Apparently it’s a brand of coffee that is really really delicious and worth going the extra mile for – I can’t wait to try some.

Why not pick up some timothys k cups here if it sounds like something you might be interested in as well.


Does anyone know where I can get hasps in bulk and pretty cheap? I have found lots of places that sell them but not many that sell them in bulk at a discounted price which is really what I am after. I have searched online with little success so if any one knows any where please do let me know, thanks.

Brewing kits

I am officially sick of the sight of the various home brew kits that are currently in our kitchen – my other half just got into brewing his own alcohol but it’s safe to say that he’s got a little bit carried away with it, instead of having two or three on the go, he has nine….nine at once? We simply don’t have the room for it all already but I think he wants to add more. I am going to have to put my foot down.

O Canada

I was just looking at the new ski doo snowmobile covers for a friend who lives in Canada – I wish I were looking for me as I love the snow and I would love to wander around town doing my bits and bobs on a snowmobile. It’s cool when I get to visit her though and we always have a really fun time!