The Amazing Race is back!

I just got done watching The Amazing Race premiere. I am not that well travelled and geography isn’t my strongest subject but I had to roll my eyes when Jordan asked for tickets to China because that’s where she thought Santiago was, doh.

Love love love this show even after 16 seasons, but I find myself running into the same age old problem season after season – it makes me green with envy and crave an exotic holiday adventure of my own!

Of course I’d never be able to go on The Amazing Race and would be much more suited to an all inclusive Tunisia or Greece trip instead. I like the idea of adventure but not the realities of it. I would definitely not be happy if I couldn’t lounge around by a pool, visit the shops and have all my meals cooked for me.

I’m not high maintenance, I just like nice things ;)

Spots spots go away!

I was just looking up information on acne cleansers for my niece, it’s been a while since I really suffered with acne myself as my teenage days are long since behind me but I definitely remember the torment of them – and how cruel other kids could be if you had less than perfect skin. So any thing I can do to help her out with them is a plus :)

Wrinkle Free

Someone asked me what I thought of youthology earlier and I had to admit I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, I did a quick search online and quickly found out what it was and lots of reviews for it. It’s an anti wrinkle product that says it can make you look 10 years younger in 90 seconds! Sounds good, but at just 29 years old I don’t think it’s something I need to worry about just yet!

Biggest Loser Masterclass

I am not sure how much I like the new Masterclass episode on The Biggest Loser Australia, I really like the idea behind it because the show doesn’t usually offer such information – but honestly I prefer the drama, I’d rather see the walk than 20 minutes of Shannan and Michelle showing us how to strengthen our core.

I suppose it doesn’t help that most of the information so far is pretty basic – do this stretch, take this vitamin, don’t eat too much oil etc.

Still love the show though :)

Take me Out

There doesn’t seem to be any decent dating shows on at the moment, I like to see Free People looking for love!

Oh wait, there is Take me Out that airs on a Saturday nights – that’s some serious cheese right there – “No likey, No lighty”.
Some of the girls on it are very annoying and clearly only there to get their faces on the TV though and most of the men are really annoying also, though I suppose you have to be uber confident to put yourself out there like they do!

It’s the heroes vs the villains

Thrilled at the first boot, Sugar was one of my least favourite players ever and I definitely felt she didn’t deserve to be there – I’d actually forgotten why I disliked her so much (curse this memory of mine) but it didn’t take too long for her to remind me – horrible simpering mess of a woman with no game at all.

Looks like I definitely prefer the villains to the heroes, there are people on both tribes I like and dislike but I actually like most of the people others seem to hate (Coach, Randy…also love Rob and Russell but I know I am not alone there!) and find most of the heroes dull as ditch water – I definitely found myself rooting for the villains!

I hope Rob is OK, looked pretty scary (but also kinda strange how calm Jerry seemed, I am almost expecting it to have been a bluff/misleading preview!). Will be gutted if my fave player has to leave so early!

Overall great episode, I hope it’s gonna be a great season!

Is that a UNITARD?

Whenever most of my friend go away on vacations they stay in hotels, but my husband and I much prefer a lovely vacation rental instead. Firstly it’s often a lot cheaper for what you get out of it and we just prefer the freedom that comes with being able to do your own thing :)

Earlier, I was on Vacation, just having a look around and a bit of a daydream about the summer when we next get to go away and I saw a commercial they have posted on their blog. It features superhero UNITARD who spends his time trying to stop people making bad choices about their own vacations.

Take a look at the vacation rental commercial for yourself here :)

Memories of Birmingham

Talking about how my husband and I used to be in a long distance relationship reminded me of the coach journey I used to take once a month to go visit him – it was a 5.5 hour journey and I hated every second of it.

I get motion sickness so it’s not like I could just sit there and read, or play games or watch a movie so I had nothing to do but sit and look out of the window.

I remember the very first time I took the journey and as we were approaching Birmingham where I had a 30 minute stop over I saw the Bull Ring building in the distance for the first time – I had no idea it existed so I was in awe of it, at first I actually thought there was something wrong with it but eventually realised it was meant to be like that.

I desperately wanted to go see it up close, but I was so terrified that I literally didn’t move from the bus stop after getting off and waiting for the next coach to pick me up – I was sure if I went wandering I’d get lost and miss the connection!

As I got used to the journey I got braver of course and it wasn’t long before I had gone to see it. By the time I’d been doing the journey every month for 4 years I was amazed at how much I could fit into my 30 minutes in Birmingham – a trip to the bull ring, a toilet break, a coffee and snack in the cafe and a very quick browse around the shops and maybe if there was still some time left over a quick stop in the Quicksilver Games Arcade that is right next to the station.

I still hated the journey, but at least my little break in Birmingham was something to look forward to along the way!