Apple Bottom?

I got told I have an apple bottom a few days ago, it’s the first time I have ever heard that expression but apparently it’s quite comment and they even have brands of clothes for apple bottoms! I am not sure how I feel about it but it’s not something I am going to worry about, if one person thinks I have an apple bottom – let ‘em :)

New year new start?

I think it may be time for me to find a new web hosting provider for my sites – new year new start and all that. I have been having issues with my current host for a while now but they aren’t major ones and I have been busy so I have been putting off moving. It can take a lot of time and research to find a new host and that’s before you even start thinking about the hassle of moving every thing over – I have lost count of the amount of sites I run so it’s pretty daunting. I would also have to take the right amount of time over finding where to move, because I run a pretty high traffic site it’s often difficult to find a shared host that will be able to handle hosting it.

I will have a think about it in the next few days and decide by new year if I am going to go for it or not :)

Win great prizes with Radisson Blu

I just learned about the Radisson Blue Quiz a few days ago and wanted to share it with you all. It's a competition from the guys at Radisson Blu hotels and resorts where you can win some lovely prizes. Prizes range from gift cards to use in Radisson Blu resorts to weekend stays for two in a number of European cities.

I love to travel but have been unable to do so the last few years due to work commitments, moving house and lack of funds. I hope we'll be able to get away for at least a short break in 2011 and have been saving my spare pennies for a while already – but scooping one of the prizes available in this competition would certainly be a great early Christmas present :)

To enter you just have to answer three simple questions about all things related to European geography – don't worry they aren't too tricky and if you do get stuck there are some handy hints available. If you get all three right then you are given the chance to win an instant prize by spinning a wheel – this is where you can win one of the Radisson Blu gift cards, and with 1000 to give away throughout the competition period it's definitely worth a little perseverance!

The, if you answer all three questions correctly or not, you will be invited to enter your details and submit an entry in to the main prize draw that happens each week between now and January 3rd. Up for grabs is a weekend away for two people at one of the following European cities: Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Helsinki or Hamburg.

You need to be from Europe and at least 18 years old to enter and you can read the full terms and conditions as well as further information on how it all works and the prizes available by visiting the Radisson Blu website. Enjoy!
Radisson Blue Quiz

Radisson Blu Quiz

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Neighbour envy

Our neighbour has a velobind in their loft bedroom and I think we are going to get one for ours now too – it looks really nice but is also just a lot more practical than the cheapo one we have. It keeps falling down but in general it’s just a pain to use and you can have your fingers off if you aren’t careful, ouch!

When to get a payday loan

Someone asked me about my opinion on No fax payday loans earlier today and I had a think about it.

There are times when you are short of money but know you’ll have enough in a few days when payday comes around and this is where payday loans come in handy

A payday loan is the type of loans that are perfect for these types of situations. They’ve everything that you need for that moment. Those problems that I’ve mentioned earlier, those scenarios are what make these financing options. They are made specifically for situations such as this in case they suddenly arise. These loans requires less hassle and paperwork compared to regular loans as well as guarantee you guaranteed cash loan , as when they are waiting that you should go there and create it for you. Some of these loans require no collateral and no credit report checks whatsoever. That’s the reason it’s also suitable for people who had a history of bad credit. Very convenient and incredibly easy to acquire. You can be sure that after you are in need of supplemental income which you are planning to pay for back the next payday, it’s this that you need. You’re guaranteed that you would never be denied, your credit won’t even be looked into, you can loan up to a thousand dollars, anytime which is already proven and tested. Also, the point that makes this type of loan so convenient is that they offer online application. And pay attention to this; approval would just take you under twenty four hours. Now that is convenient.

So next time you need extra funds for that emergency or you are pretty short in cash and subsequently payday is remote, here’s something you must always remember. For personal loans and hassle free procedure, get Cash Advance Loans .

Home Theater

I think I am going to spend some time reading some home theater reviews this afternoon as I would love to change the back room into a little theater. My fiance and I watch a lot of TV and movies so it would be awesome to get a proper fully kitted out theater to enjoy them in rather than just sitting on the sofa – it’s a comfy sofa, but it’s just not the same is it?

Teenage Hormones

Has any one heard of or tried nanocleanse? I was doing a little research into acne products for my nephew who suffers terribly with it (curse you teenage hormones) and this name seemed to come up quite a lot so was thinking of ordering some for him but would like to make sure it’s a good way to spend my pennies first :)

All I Want For Christmas

My boyfriend would like an iPad for Christmas but there's no way I can afford to get him one, and thankfully he knows that and isn't expecting one. What he doesn't know though is that I have been trying to win one for a few weeks now – entering every competition I can find online that is offering one as a prize.

My favourite competition I have found is the Play4ParkInn one, where you have to play "4 in a row" to gain entries and there are several chances to win, plus you can enter as many as 20 times per week so you have a pretty good chance. In addition to the iPad though you can also win various trips and vouchers for stays at Park Inn hotels across the world and I would love to win those as much as if not more than the iPad. The main prize that will be won by one lucky person at the end of the competition is for a 7 night stay in a Park Inn hotel in either Manchester, Berlin or Tunisia as well as a £300 giftcard to spend on whatever your heart desires.

Looking out of my window right now at the snow, ice and cold weather I can't imagine any thing finer than a week away somewhere gorgeous and exotic like Tunisia, it's a country I have never visited before so I would love to explore it and with that £300 gift card in my back pocket it would certainly be the most luxurious holiday I have been on for a long time :)

You can read the full terms and conditions on the website but basically as long as you are 18 years old you can enter.

Wish me luck all :)

Play 4 Park Inn


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