I love my Oldies But Goodies

I have very fond memories of taking naps in my grandparents bed at their house with the radio on listening to oldies music. I would lay in their air-conditioned bedroom, tracing patterns in the wallpaper with my eyes as the soft strains of their favorite oldies radio station trickled into my ears.

It is interesting how the hits of the early or ‘golden’ ages of rock ‘n roll have maintained their popularity. I mean, how can you resist “Big Girls Don’t Cry”? Somehow the melodies are just so catchy that these classic tunes never seem to go out of style. Of course, some of their appeal becomes a bit corny or cultish over time, but they’re still very fun!

One of my first CD purchases as a young adult with my own spending money was the greatest hits of Lesley Gore. You know…”It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To” fame? And the lesser known sequel song, “Now It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry”? Well, while I may not agree with the vengeful sentiments of the songstress now, there’s no denying that she’s indelibly left a mark on American culture for better or worse.

I love that because so many other people online share your interest, no matter what it is, you can find some great lists of oldies music that other people love as well. I have discovered some great tunes I had never heard of before this way and am always on the look out for new lists in all genres, not just oldies music. I also love going on streaming music sites and just letting it play randon songs – yes you have to sit through quite a few that aren’t to your taste but there’s also a high chance you’ll find something new you love.

What are your favorite oldies songs?

Information about drug rehab

Drug Rehab, a colloquial or even slang term for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, refers to the process of treating substance abuse, chemical dependency, and specifically addiction to any form of drug, whether prescribed, controlled, or uncontrolled. While there are extensive varieties, philosophies, and types of drug rehab, the basic, traditional treatment process involves medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for those addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The drug rehab medical component typically involves chemical detoxification of the patient, when the acceptable levels of undesirable chemicals are exceeded in the body. The detoxification process must be initiated and monitored by a capable and experienced medical professional to insure the least medical risk possible to the detoxifying patient. The specific detox protocol is very much a function of the type, amount, and usage period of unwanted chemicals in the body. Some detox protocols involve only time, as the body will naturally break down and void the unwanted chemicals. In more severe instances, detoxifying chemicals are introduced into the body, which counter act or inhibit and/or block the activity of specific neurological receptors, so that the effects of the undesired chemical are neutralized, thus enabling the patient to reduce the psychological desire for the drug. In almost all detoxification protocols, patients are given some variety of mood stabilizers and/or relaxers to aid in the detoxification process.

The length of the detox period is also dependant on the type, quantity, and duration of drug use, among other considerations.

The psychological aspect of drug rehab, which commences after the patient has begun, or even completed the detoxification, in some cases, is the most critical part of the drug rehab process. The saying that ‘it’s easy to get off the drugs, it’s just difficult to stay off the drugs,’ is a fact borne out time and time again. If the patient is only detoxified, but not educated and processed through the addiction, the odds of relapse are extremely high. For this reason, there must be a psycho-dynamic component to drug rehab. The psychodynamic aspect of treatment historically consists of education, step work (12 Step Process), and in some higher-end programs, individual and small group therapy. It is through these interventions and processes that the patient begins to understand and comprehend the effect of substance abuse in his or her live and how to manage the stressors and triggers that have caused the abuse.

The last phase of primary care drug rehab regards the discharge planning component. So often, patients improve and perform at a very high level, as a result of the highly structured drug rehab environment that they are in for 30-90 days. However, upon re-introduction to their pre-drug rehab existence, they often fall in with the same people, situations, triggers, etc., which cause them to relapse. The best way to avoid this eventuality is to provide a very structured discharge plan, which, when followed, helps the patient avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse. Most viable discharge plans include some or ideally all of the following: outpatient treatment referrals; 12-Step Program initiation/continuation, including finding a sponsor; Sober Living environments; drug monitoring; and life coaching.

Quality, comprehensive drug rehab programs are highly effective in treating those addicted to drugs and alcohol where it may be affecting them in the workplace. The earlier in the addiction process that a drug addict undergoes treatment, the higher the incidence of full recovery and future abstinence.

Find more information visit the Hanley Center website.

Getting a new cell phone

Does any one know a good site with cell phone reviews? It’s time for me to get a new cell phone and I really want a good one, it’s an update on my contract so it’s free and I can get any that I want at any value – awesome!

Like I say though I really want to read some reviews of cell phones before jumping into any thing as it’s a long time since I got a new cell phone or really looked in to any.

I’m really excited about it :)

We were never that well behaved!

We went out for some pub grub with some friends last week and they brought their kids along. I was very glad to see some special kids customised placemats on the table when we got there because I know how good they are at keeping kids entertained. When I was young and got taken out for a meal with grown ups there certainly weren’t any customised placemats to keep us occupied so we tended to get bored really quickly and start messing around and getting in trouble. They also had special kids menus which I thought was a nice touch :)

Everybody Needs Good….Acne Medicine

I love the stupidness of Neighbours, it’s a large part of the reason I watch it.

Last week Summer was able to get someones exact home address (which just happened to be Ramsey Street) from their IP address that she somehow managed to get from a message they’d sent her on a dating website.

This week so far three people on the street have sued, counter sued and counter counter (?) sued each other – and of course good old Toadie was their lawyer, that boy must earn a fortune, he’s never out of work!

Someone mentioned the accutane lawsuit in a thread on a Neighbours board I post on (yes, I post on Neighbours message boards, Dr Karl Kennedy is a member on one of them I will have you know!) and I did a little reading about it on Accutanelawsuit.net who have loads of information on the case and offer help and advice to those affected who may be entitled to compensation. Accutane is an acne medication that has been known to cause some pretty serious side effects as it’s being given to people who really don’t need it, it’s intended for really bad cases only – and there’s another reason to be glad I am passed those spotty teenage years and no longer get acne.

On a winning streak

At the moment you can Win a 3D TV and blu-ray player at Quicksilver, you just need to play the Mayan Treasure or Kasharoo games to be in with a chance of winning.

I am definitely going to enter as I am on a winning streak at the moment. I won a cosmos projector (random, I know!) and a sheer cover hamper in the last 2 weeks so I feel like my luck is in. Prior to these the only other thing I ever won in my life was a Wii about 2 years ago!

I’d love a 3D TV but would never buy one as I just couldn’t justify the expense.

I love Louis

I think fruit machine games are fun, but I am not sure I could spend 7 million dollars on them like the woman I saw on a Louis Theroux documentary the other day. The show was about gambling in general and was quite eye opening – who knew that casinos actually ‘headhunt’ people they know are likely to spend a small fortune with them and some of the tactics they employ to keep people at the table.

I still love Louis Theroux, I wish he were on TV more, I remember when his documentaries used to be a big deal but now it seems like they just slip them on random channels at random times so I don’t even always know they exist until much later.