Johnny Allen needs to understand the word ‘injury’

slide-8-johnny-allenThere’s the advert that comes on telly during the day time, featuring Johnny Allen from Eastenders — and it’s the most annoying advert ever. It’s for some New York accident lawyers or something but what bothers me about it is that Johnny Allen (I don’t know his real name!) says:

“Injury, that’s when you get in an accident and it’s not your fault”

Errmm…no Johnny, that is not ‘Injury’ at all.

“Injury: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.”

Who’s fault it was is neither here nor there. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it really does.

Is that a UNITARD?

Whenever most of my friend go away on vacations they stay in hotels, but my husband and I much prefer a lovely vacation rental instead. Firstly it’s often a lot cheaper for what you get out of it and we just prefer the freedom that comes with being able to do your own thing :)

Earlier, I was on Vacation, just having a look around and a bit of a daydream about the summer when we next get to go away and I saw a commercial they have posted on their blog. It features superhero UNITARD who spends his time trying to stop people making bad choices about their own vacations.

Take a look at the vacation rental commercial for yourself here :)

American adverts are funny

cheesydad-102_smallI can’t watch most American adverts without cracking up, they are so different to UK ones and I guess because I hardly see them they always stand out like a sore thumb when I do. I just saw a colon cleansing reviews one and was in fits of giggles, it’s usually just the presenting style that does it to me but it’s made even funnier when they use words like ‘butt’ every 5 seconds :D

Free Local Chat

phone-chatI watch a lot of late night TV and the “chat live with hot singles now!” type ads never fail to amuse me, not because they are advertising phone chat services — just because they are so darned cheesy and to be frank most of the women they use as examples of who’s waiting on the phone for them to talk to — ain’t all that.

Also the fact they charge like £1 per text and £1.50 per minute on calls etc, why on earth would people pay that sort of money when there are sites
free singles chat on the wonderful world wide web, like, where you can connect with others in your area absolutely free. It seems like a pretty neat service actually, you leave and receive recorded voice messages and can then connect for a one to one chat if both parties are interested.

Much better than texting some random that might actually be a 60 year old granddad for £1 a pop!

Dear Advertisers, It’s not Christmas yet!

I couldn’t believe my ears earlier tonight while watching the X Factor, I was looking at my computer but I heard a Christmas song blasting out at me….’All I want for Christmas, is yooooou’ — It can’t be, can it? A Christmas advert in October?

So I look at the TV and sure enough, there’s DFS trying to sell us sofas just in time for Christmas. Jeez.

Now I am no scrooge, Christmas is my favourite holiday…but did I mention, it’s still October, Christmas is a whole two months away. We have Halloween and Bonfire night to get through first.

Come December, when Christmas is allowed to start in my opinion, I will be bored to tears of it.

There’s such a thing as overkill you know?

Please save the Christmas stuff for Christmas dear advertisers, please!.