Let me stalk you!

Well one thing is for sure, there’s no way this years The Biggest Loser Australia contestants had the time to hit the weight loss pills between leaving campus and finale as has been rumoured in previous years. Word is there was only 2 weeks between them going home and the finale being filmed – no wonder most of them looked exactly the same as the last time we saw them!

I’ve been trying to add lots of them on Facebook but moreso than in any other year this lot aren’t really playing ball – a lot aren’t accepting friend requests from randoms and several are putting us on a limited view list. Boo.

Of course this is their right – but stalking them after the show is over is therapeutic. My favourite hamster this year, Pheobe, isn’t accepting friend requests, my second favourite Shannon has accepted me but I can only see his basic info and either my third favourite Lisa isn’t on there or she’s so well hidden from us randoms it just looks like she isn’t.


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