Let me stalk you!

Well one thing is for sure, there’s no way this years The Biggest Loser Australia contestants had the time to hit the weight loss pills between leaving campus and finale as has been rumoured in previous years. Word is there was only 2 weeks between them going home and the finale being filmed – no wonder most of them looked exactly the same as the last time we saw them!

I’ve been trying to add lots of them on Facebook but moreso than in any other year this lot aren’t really playing ball – a lot aren’t accepting friend requests from randoms and several are putting us on a limited view list. Boo.

Of course this is their right – but stalking them after the show is over is therapeutic. My favourite hamster this year, Pheobe, isn’t accepting friend requests, my second favourite Shannon has accepted me but I can only see his basic info and either my third favourite Lisa isn’t on there or she’s so well hidden from us randoms it just looks like she isn’t.


I didn’t like Masterclass

I didn’t enjoy the Masterclass episodes. There I said it.

I know we’ve all been asking if we could learn more from the show for years and I think the idea was good – I just found the episodes really boring and basic and I felt that I was being ripped off by one show a week. I gave it 4 or 5 weeks but did eventually stop tuning in for it.

I think if it does come back they should just have a 5 minute ‘health tip’ at the end of each episodes rather than a full on 1 hour or longer show once per week.

And she’s done it…

Australia officially has it’s first female biggest loser – I never would have picked Lisa as the winner back at the start of the season, in fact I seem to remember thinking that she’d likely be an early boot. But she did it, she beat off the 3 boys with her in the final to take the crown – and she absolutely deserved it.

Great lady :)

I really enjoyed the finale this year even though I didn’t enjoy the series as a whole nearly as much as normal. It was nice to see some old faces trotting out to show us how well they are all doing – but I am ‘friends’ with a lot of these guys on Facebook and let me tell you the selections were very, well selective. A lot have gained weight back – more than they had to start with in several cases!

I was also shocked that three of the contestants had actually gained weight since leaving Camp Biggest Loser and finale night – doesn’t bode well does it?

The Biggest Loser Australia

Ah watching The Biggest Loser Australia makes me want to rush out and buy diet pills so that I can lose 60kgs in 3 months as well – I want to go on that walk they do when they ‘put the weight back on’ by making them carry what they lost each week.

Having said that I am really not as in to The Biggest Loser Australia this year, I think that missing first 2 weeks really had a huge affect on how attached I feel to the contestants.

Biggest Loser Masterclass

I am not sure how much I like the new Masterclass episode on The Biggest Loser Australia, I really like the idea behind it because the show doesn’t usually offer such information – but honestly I prefer the drama, I’d rather see the walk than 20 minutes of Shannan and Michelle showing us how to strengthen our core.

I suppose it doesn’t help that most of the information so far is pretty basic – do this stretch, take this vitamin, don’t eat too much oil etc.

Still love the show though :)

What was THAT?

So my favourite TV show is back, but they absolutely killed it – and I don’t mean that in a good way, I mean they killed it.

Long story short a week or so before it was set to begin airing they found out one of the contestants had been arrested on child porn related charges and announced they were going to be doing a drastic reedit of the show to make it appear as though they were never there.

I was intrigued as to how they were going to do it, were they going to blur them out? Or try use close up shots so they weren’t in them?

Nope, as I found out when I tuned it they decided to simply skip the first two weeks of the show – are they freaking serious?

We are now back to normal but I don’t even know the names yet, I don’t know what training teams they are on – we’ve seen them do about 2 workouts and most of them have already lost 20 pounds.

It sucks, I feel as though I have been robbed.

Faster, Faster, Make it go faster!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ultra60smallI was just reading about the charter ultra fast 60 service that is currently being rolled out across America – green with envy doesn’t even come close to explaining how I feel about it.

My fiance already gets his Internet at twice the speed I do even though we are on the same service and that drives me crazy, so the idea that others are getting it probably 100 times faster makes me almost lose the plot.

As you know by now I watch a lot of TV shows online, if it wasn’t for torrents and streaming sites I wouldn’t get to watch three of my favourite TV shows – Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser Australia. The thing is my upload speed especially is so shoddy that I can’t do two things at once, if I am uploading anything such as videos to youtube or seeding torrents I can’t stream at all – So I can’t just decide I want to stream something and do it there and then, I have to wait until I know my computer won’t be busy doing other things!

My Internet life would be a lot faster with 60mb speeds, therefore buying me extra ‘real life’ time – which I would then probably use to watch more TV hehe.

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I need airbrush products!

Remember I told you that since The Biggest Loser Australia finished I was having withdrawal symptoms, so I added a bunch of them on Facebook like a big silly nerd? Well I now have, erm, pretty much all of them on there from this season and past ones and here’s an interesting fact — those guys seem to love getting Tattoos!

I don’t know if it’s an Australian thing, a feeling more confident because they lost weight thing or it’s just this group of people but they all seem obsessed with showing off their existing tattoos and getting news ones done.

large-angel-back-tattooBoth Andrew and Teresa have had ones done over the past week, Andrew got his wife/girlfriends name on his arm and Teresa had a huge one that takes up her entire back!

I might have to become a tattoo artist and advertise myself as ‘Tattoo Artist to the Reality TV Stars’ so I can meet all these people, heh.

If I do decide to go there I can pick up all the Airbrush Products I would need from EuropeanBodyArt.com, they sell every thing I would need to get started and offer really great prices, they are one of the biggest suppliers in the USA :)

The Biggest Loser Australia statistics

Look at this, it shows the starting weight, weight loss and percent loss of all of the contestants who were on the show this year:


It really highlights the amazing effort of Bob doesn’t it, and I went into the finale thinking that Sharif and Sammy were in with a chance, hah. I think it’s great that the top four overall biggest losers actually placed 1 – 4, Stuart and Ben did amazingly well considering the time they spent in the house….and wow look how low down the list ‘threats’ Nathan and Andrew ended up, behind grandma Julie and ‘weak’ Cameron, teehee. I think it’s safe to say that Sean and Ben proved themselves as the alpha males in the end (that said, Nathan and Andrew do look amazing — very muscled!).

I wish there was more, I am having withdrawals!